Machine Learning

Machine Learning

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Machine Learning is a subfield of AI and is becoming a fundamental part of everyone’s lives. In today’s society, everywhere you look you will stumble across a form of Machine Learning whether that be through a Netflix recommendation, auto correct on texts or cutting-edge healthcare systems used to save lives.

Amicus support both clients and candidates across all areas of Machine Learning including Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning. We are focused on hiring individuals from entry level through to senior management.

The increase in demand for these skills has risen astronomically in recent years and will only continue to grow as it becomes more ingrained into our everyday lives. So, check out our current live requirements and connect with one of our consultants to secure your next challenge in your career in Machine Learning.

Why Should I Use a Recruitment Agency?

​Our dedicated specialists will listen to exactly what it is you're looking for in your next role and then the work begins. Our team will collaborate, search and decipher the perfect opportunities to match your ambitions. We'll then pair you up with some of the world's top brands and assist, guide and advise you through the hiring process.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency?

If being inundated by recruiters offering you generic IT roles is a regular occurrence for you, contact one of our specialist consultants and say goodbye to irrelevant, non-exclusive opportunities. We have decades of collective experience and our expertise within our specialist markets is what sets up apart from the average recruiter.

We have exclusive access to an incredibly vast network of clients and candidates specifically within Golang, Python, JavaScript, Rust and Machine Learning. Our niche community is global, and it grows everyday thanks to the dedication of our team. We host webinars, podcasts, networking events and round tables which anyone can attend for free to provide our niche community of tech professionals with the opportunity to learn as well as network.

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Take control of your career and browse our jobs, hit apply or contact one of our consultants directly today to take the next step in your career.