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Should you put your CV online to enhance your job search?

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Should you put your CV online to enhance your job search?

Before I say anything else here, I just want to make one thing clear. I’m writing this as a recruiter who only speaks to JavaScript developers. This is the way I see it for my market and from speaking to colleagues who have their own niche areas.

So, should a JavaScript developer put their CV on the job boards if they’re looking for a new role?

Common sense says yes…right? You’re looking for a new job so why wouldn’t you want as many opportunities on your doorstep as you can possibly get? Well I think it all depends on the individual and especially the level they are at in their career.

If you’ve just graduated university or have just finished a coding bootcamp, then yes; get your CV out there. It will give you a chance to find out more about the market you’re entering, and the half-decent recruiters out there will be able to give you advice on how to stand out in such a saturated market.

What if I’m a Mid/Senior developer?

The job boards will potentially hinder you more than help you in your search. Every single recruiter can see your CV and will call you with a list of opportunities they have and don’t get me wrong, I would do that too. Having said that, I can’t think of the last time that I placed a developer who had their CV all over the job boards. Most developers just get snowed under with calls, emails, Linkedin messages, texts and all the rest. One of the things I hear from developers looking for a new role is that it’s ‘like a full time job on its own’.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

So what should I do instead?

Work with one specialist agent who can really understand your career motivations and let them present you with a handful of quality opportunities that are going to suit your requirements.

I specialise solely in recruiting for Front End & JavaScript requirements across West/Central London. Having such a focused area allows me to build a very strong network of companies that regularly hire these skills. This means that no matter what time of the year you approach me, I will always have a number of opportunities that can match up to what you’re looking for.

Most of the people I help find a new position aren’t actively looking when they engage with me, but it’s always good to understand the marketplace and know what opportunities are available. You never know when that dream job will present itself!

So if you’re actively or passively looking for a new Front End / JavaScript development role and want some advice of the types of opportunities that are available to you, please ping me a PM or call me on 0203 907 8468 for a confidential chat

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