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Our Permanent Services

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Our permanent services are here to help you make the right hire every time. With these on-going, flexible packages, you can benefit from dedicated support, advice and access to our talent pool for as long as you need to. Contact our team to receive a digital brochure containing a detailed overview of our services.


Our Alliance Package makes your hiring process simple and predictable as well as financially viable. Alliance lets you grow your company with predictability while managing your hiring spend over a 12 month period.


Our Premier Package saves time and energy by consolidating your interview process. We’ll introduce video interviews and use our deep understanding of the technical market to disqualify irrelevant applications faster than a generic IT recruitment agency would.

We have exceptional knowledge of the context within the roles you’re hiring for. In fact, we’re specialists. And, that means our committed consultants are guaranteed to eradicate time-wasting applications when you choose our Premier Package.


Using more than one recruiter might have you thinking you have a higher chance of hiring talent. But, using multiple suppliers actually decreases your chances of reaching the right candidate as it saturates your brand and increases the amount of irrelevant applicants – not to mention communication issues and admin inefficiencies.

Our Pledge Package is modelled to address these issues directly by ultimately increasing efficiency, eradicating overlap and driving high quality candidates to the forefront of your applications.


Our Seed Package provides you with the ultimate access to passive and active communities of tech talent. Our consultants have spent years developing strong and long-lasting relationships with tech professionals.

Not only will our consultants be able to find you the perfect match for your vacancy, but they’ll have a genuine vested interest in making your partnership work in the long-run.

With our Seed Package, you’ll be a part of a Preferred Supplier List or paired with a dedicated specialist. This process saves you time by giving you direct access to a dedicated, specialist consultant who has a previous relationship with the target talent.

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Recruitment FAQs

How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

Our dedicated specialists will listen to exactly what it is you're looking for in your next role and then the work begins. Our team will collaborate, search and decipher the perfect opportunities to match your ambitions. We'll then pair you up with some of the world's top brands and assist, guide and advise you through the hiring process.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency?

If being inundated by recruiters offering you generic IT roles is a regular occurrence for you, contact one of our specialist consultants and say goodbye to irrelevant, non-exclusive opportunities. We have decades of collective experience and our expertise within our specialist markets is what sets up apart from the average recruiter.

We have exclusive access to an incredibly vast network of clients and candidates specifically within Golang, Python, Rust, Machine Learning and JavaScript. Our niche community is global, and it grows everyday thanks to the dedication of our team. We host webinars, podcasts, networking events and round tables which anyone can attend for free to provide our niche community of tech professionals with the opportunity to learn as well as network.

Should I Use a Recruitment Agency for my Next Hire?

Recruitment agencies typically save time and effort. But, when using the right model with Amicus, you can also save money. We'll listen to all of your detailed requirements and handle everything else. All you have to do is chose the right plan for your goals. We'll help you pick the right solution when you contact our team today.

Why Do People Use Recruitment Agencies?

Agencies like us ultimately condense the time and effort you would usually put into hiring someone new. Amicus also has the reach that you wouldn't usually have on regular job boards thanks to our ever-growing community and network of niche tech professionals. Our resources are second to none when it comes to finding you the right candidate.

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