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Software Engineering

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​We specialise in four key technologies within software engineering.


TypeScript is one of the most in demand technologies in the corporate world. It's loved by developers due to its speed, simplicity, interoperability, versatility and popularity amongst the majority of the best tech businesses worldwide. The latest TypeScript frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue are sought-after skills, with the competition is as high as it's ever been.

Amicus covers all TypeScript roles ranging from Frontend Developers & Full Stack Engineers to Team Lead and Head of Engineering staff.​


Python is a major programming language and is used by some of the most exciting companies across the world.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Robotics heavily rely on Python. Recently, Python has risen to number one in 'programming languages most wanted' by developers and the 'most popular introductory language' due to its simplicity to learn.

Amicus cover all Python requirements ranging from Software Engineers, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers through to Technical Architects and Senior Management staff.​

The demand for skilled Python professional at all levels is increasing every day, so browse our listings and contact one of our consultants to get the bespoke, career enhancing guidance we offer.


Golang was released by Google in 2009 and is considered the new kid on the block. Used to develop large-scale network servers and big distributed systems, Golang has grown in popularity across the globe due to its concurrency & scalability. It's also said to be easier to learn and is incredibly fast to compile, develop & run.

It's already in the top 3 most wanted programming languages worldwide and is commonly used by Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Youtube and many more of the globe's best tech brands.

Amicus covers all Golang roles; ranging from Developers and Engineers through to Architecture and Management staff.​


Since 2015, Rust has become rapidly more popular used by the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Microsoft and more. Some of the features Rust is well-liked for include it’s memory management, memory safety and concurrency.

The creator’s inspiration came from C#, C++ and Ruby. The language functions with an emphasis on performance and type safety. Amicus specialises in unique job opportunities within the Rust space. So, if you’re looking for a role using this exciting new language, check out our Rust vacancies.

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