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Introducing microservice architecture to client side software

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JavaScript Live is a series of live events designed to continue our vision of connecting the tech community and driving exposure & learning to JavaScript professionals. We believe that by bringing successful people together we can add value to tech professionals who want to develop their own skillset and for tech leaders who want to help develop their own teams.

Introducing microservice architecture to client side software

Jamie Crowley will be hosting a live Q & A alongside one of the UK’s most successful JavaScript experts. So, if you are looking to learn about client side architecture, the problems it can solve and to understand it's benefits and limitations, then this webinar is for you.

Guest Speakers

Tom Reddington - Head of Technology - Headbox

Covering –

- Client side microservice architecture — WTF is that? (Introduction)
- Why should I care… what’s the benefit? (Problems it can solve)
- Sweet! Where do we start? (Pragmatism, understanding benefits vs limitations)
- A few things we learned the hard way, so you don’t have to (When theory becomes practice)


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