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4 Women Tech Influencers You Need To Follow

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Whether you’re a python programming pro or a junior javascript developer, everyone needs inspiring from time to time. And, there’s a lot of aspiring tech experts out there who are more than willing to share their insights with you and ultimately help you grow your tech knowledge.

These tech-focused women are shaking off the shackles of the stereotypical image that might come to mind when you think of software engineers or web developers. So, who are they?


Marie-Philippe Gill is hands down one of the most popular female tech influencers out there at the moment. Studying a Master’s in Machine Learning, this AI guru even has a section on her website dedicated to promoting her fellow women in tech.

From free downloadable guides for teaching kids tech to Hackathon and studying tips, Girl Knows Tech is a truly inspiring blog that allows anyone and everyone to have access to valuable tech insights.


Estefannie is a prominent character in the tech world. Her website is super cool and contains some interesting content including step by step tutorials on computer science, programming, augmented reality, virtual reality, electronics, sensors, Raspberry Pi, Arduino.

Not just a software developer, Estefannie loves to invent things and share her inventions with her followers. She also hosts live streams with fellow prominent tech heads sharing their latest hacks and giveaways.


Founded by self-confessed 'nerdy-mom' Kimberly Bryant, Black Girls Code was an initiative that began with Kimberly wanting to encourage her daughter to code.

Black Girls Code offer encouragement and support for young women of colour to get into computer science. "We are creating stronger economies and more equitable societies—ultimately realizing the true potential of democracy through diversity and inclusion". 


In 2012, Adda Birnir founded Skillcrush, a tech education platform helping people hone in on their coding skills. Although Skillcrush isn’t exclusively for women, it’s pretty clear from one look at their website that females are their target audience.

Skillcrush’s community creates and conducts classes in design, coding, and other digital skills offered to web designers, web developers, mobile web designers, freelance WordPress developers, and Ruby on Rails developers.

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