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How to Promote Company Core Values in the Workplace: 5 Proven Examples

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How to Promote Company Core Values in the Workplace: 5 Proven Examples

Company values are there to make an organization appear authentic and original, right? Creating company values is an important part of the founding process. But, once you have your values in place, how do you get your employees to live and breathe your company core values?

Buzz words like authenticity, originality, boldness, accountability, teamwork, integrity, diversity and respect could all be reflective of your values.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what your company core values are. Actioning their meaning is how you create the best company culture. One of our Managing Consultants, Jamie Crowley, has reflected on Amicus’ values and has broken down why each one works within our company culture, who benefits from them and how.


Recruiters have a bad rep. We know that. It’s important to explain what we do to separate ourselves from the rest. Our honesty is one of those ways.


·        We will ALWAYS tell you the truth about how feasible filling a role for you will be. Need a PHP developer? We can’t promise high delivery standards, so we won’t take that role on.

·        You can rely on us to build strong relationships with a point of contact within your business & to stick to the methods of communication that work best for you

·        We guarantee to be up front about the way we work, what our terms are & what the reach of our network is etc

·        You will NEVER receive fake profiles from us – nor will you receive profiles of developers before they give us explicit consent to do so.


·        We will always provide feedback to you on interviews, CV submissions etc – whether positive or negative

·        We will give you the benefits of working for every business that we are representing, but we won’t lie about any downsides either

·        We put salaries on every single one of our job descriptions & are happy to have up front conversations about salary ranges at the first point of interaction


It’s nice to be nice isn’t it?


·        We will approach feedback with a friendly manner every time. Sometimes we’ll need to deliver some pretty strong feedback etc – but we will do it in the right way

·        We’re not ‘pushy’ – we will take the time to understand the needs of your business and do all we can to help you achieve them.

·        We love having our clients taking part in our Live Series events & will ensure you receive invites to your webinars, roundtables, podcast & meetups


·        We strive to offer everyone the same high level of service when working with us – no matter your level of experience or skillset

·        We will review & suggest improvements on your CV, portfolio & interview techniques to give you the best possible chance of securing a role

·        We will proactively work with you to understand what you want from your next role. We aren’t here to fill jobs – we are here to ensure that you find a role that you are happy with and where the company are able to fulfil your expectations


Well, we are consultants after all…


·        We will always give our honest opinion on the salaries you offer, your interview process & inform you if we have any concerns about how fillable your roles are

·        We have a number of documents available which will help you to see the market rate for developers at different levels

·        We can also provide detailed research on areas such as remote working, which technologies are most in demand & what you can do better to attract top engineering talent

·        We love building working relationships & for that to work, we need to consistently update you on how our search is going and if there are any areas we need to look at to improve traction

·        We can totally adapt the way that we work to suit your hiring requirements – even down to conducting interviews on your behalf


·        We can offer advice on what level of salary / package you should be looking for based on your experience and skillset

·        We will always call you before an interview to ensure you are as well prepared as possible and have any extra bits of research available

·        If we aren’t able to help you because you work in different technologies to the ones that we specialise in, we will always go out of our way to try and find an alternative person / business for you to speak to that can help

·        We will provide you with non-biased support during interview / offer stages. We are here to ensure you get the right job for your next career step so if that isn’t the role that we are representing you for, we will tell you!

·        If your CV or LinkedIn profile needs some work – we will tell you how you can improve them


Recruitment is a hard job on its own, but we do whatever it takes to make everyone happy.


·        If you provide us with a role to fill and are happy to give us the commitment to hiring, we WILL fill that position for you. If that means coming to you to explain why we haven’t found someone yet, we will do exactly that.

·        Some roles are naturally harder to fill than others, but that just means we adapt and change our approach based on what you need

·        Sometimes we won’t fill a role because you may get an internal recommendation or application – however we provide the same level of service no matter the outcome


·        We will do whatever it takes to ensure you receive constructive feedback – whether that’s from one of us at Amicus on your CV or from a business following an interview.

·        We don’t just want to place you in a role and then leave you to your own devices. We will support you all the way through an offer with signing your contract, handing in your notice & preparing for your new role – as well as keeping in touch afterwards to see how you’re settling in

·        Similar to businesses making hires, we may not always be the people that end up helping you to find that next career move – but we want everyone to have an equally positive experience whilst working alongside us


Who doesn’t want to be the best of the best, right?


·        We may commit to sending you three profiles within 24 hours of taking on a requirement – that doesn’t mean we give up when we find three! We’ll keep going until you’re satisfied.

·        We are all naturally ambitious people, which is great for you because that means we will consistently go above and beyond to ensure you receive the wanted results


·        Let’s say we have a conversation and we have one suitable role for you – we won’t stop there. We will proactively use our network to find more opportunities for you based on your needs & desires

·        We will negotiate salaries on your behalf as we want you to receive the best possible outcome from your job search

·        Your CV may look good – but what can we suggest that will make it look AMAZING? We don’t want to settle for the easiest option

Getting The Right Role

So, whether your company is hiring, or you’re on the lookout for a new opportunity, Amicus can pair you with the perfect match.

Find Your Next Role Here

Search For Valuable Candidates Here

Jamie Crowley is a Managing Consultant specializing within the Front End Development market across London. Jamie recruits Head of Development, Software Development Manager, Lead Developer, Senior Developer, Full Stack Developer, Software Developer, Analyst Programmer, Mid-Level Developer, Junior Developer and Graduate Developers.

He also specialises in recruiting using the following technologies: JavaScript, React, React-Router, Redux, Angular JS, Angular2/4/5/6, ES5/6/7, VueJS, Ember, Node, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, Backbone, Express, TypeScript, RxJS, Vanilla JavaScript, TDD and Agile.

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