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Machine Learning Live: Lesser Knowns About Computer Vision

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Lesser Knowns About Computer Vision

Neurodiverse AI Expert Meltem Ballan, Ph.D. delivers this exclusive talk!

Meltem Ballan Ph.D., a Neurodiverse AI Expert and Co-Founder / Principal at Concrete Engine provides a talk on the lesser known about computer vision.

In this talk Meltem will walk you through the process of image preparation starting from the history, the story behind the most referred image in the discipline, most common image formats and definition of an image in detail.

Her goal is to show you the human perspective and also the computer perspective of the image.

The hope is to leave you with a laundry list of items involved in computer vision to build a complete product.

In this talk Meltem will cover:

✔ Techniques used in physics

✔ Visual cortex studies and psychology

✔ Thresholding and Morphology

✔ Demonstration of a full computer vision product life cycle

Meltem researches the effects of AI and studies Sustainable AI solutions on different disciplines, behavioural interventions and software tools as medical treatment, reducing the environmental effects of blockchain and fashion using AI. She is passionate about TRUE Diversity and Inclusion in the STEM domain, particularly AI and Data Science. She is a recognized leader and an advisory board member for high technology start-ups and M&A holdings.

She is a co-founder of several technology start-ups in big-data analytics and ML platform, fashion tech and blockchain. She was fascinated by the inclusive and decentralized nature of blockchain; but, realized she needed to serve a larger group of people, identified as technology naive. She is currently raising money to build a technology platform for crypto-curios to learn and grow in blockchain.

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Webinar originally broadcast live on Wednesday 3rd August.


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