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Contract Services


Recruitment comes in all shapes and sizes and one solution doesn’t suit every business. Our range of AGILE services are designed to give you the flexibility to work in the way that you want to, to deliver results and the best quality of service, every single time. We work with you to help understand which solution is the right one for you.


If you value full visibility on project costs and predictable monthly budget management, our Consult model has been designed for you. Under one managed solution, Amicus not only provides visibility on working capital, but also consistent access to the best talent in the market with the added incentive of discounted margin linked to the volume of spend.


Precision has been designed as an exclusive service for organisations who value the protection of their time, brand, and ability to compete for the best talent in the market, whilst giving the peace of mind that every role will be filled 100% of the time. This service enables fast deployment of relevant skills, in line with anticipated demand and your organisational context. Briefing multiple agencies on the same requirement will be a thing of the past.


The resource demand horizon diers from company to company, project to project, therefore it is imperative for business continuity that you enable yourself to react at short notice without fail. Pace has been designed as a no-nonsense solution for organisations with this context, who value an efficient and consistent approach to filling urgent, niche assignments where little advance visibility exists.