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How To Navigate Your Career as an Individual Contributor

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20 June 2023 00:00-00:00

How To Navigate Your Career as an Individual Contributor

Lois Cumbers hosts this previously live Q & A alongside Staff Software Engineer Gonzalo Beviglia.

Are you a software engineer who wants to advance your career?

Do you wonder what it takes to reach the next level and how to overcome the common obstacles?

You are not alone!

Watch this talk where we will explore the different career levels and paths for software engineers and share some practical tips and insights on how to grow your skills, impact, and visibility. Whether you want to specialize or generalize, lead, or code, this talk will help you discover the best way to achieve your career goals. Get ready to take your career to the next level!

Key takeaways:

- How to master the skills and expectations for each career level as a software engineer

- How to choose the right career path for your strengths and interests as a software engineer

- How to showcase your hard and soft skills to make a strong case for promotion as a software engineer

- How to overcome the common pitfalls and hurdles that software engineers encounter on their career journey

- How to find and seize opportunities to boost your impact and visibility as a software engineer

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