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Senior Frontend Engineer

Job description


A 5 year strong, global AI Start-up making deep learning accessible in the real world. Making use of the most powerful tech available, this socially responsible employer are experts at solving some of the most complex data problems of the modern age.

With the highest quality tools, providing the most accurate data solutions, we believe that we can take AI production to an entirely new realm. Improving not only the efficiency of technology, but also everyday lives and the planet!

From a modest start – two friends, one vision – to a thriving team of over 80 specialists, to being acquired by THE most innovative leader within the industry, you have the opportunity to join a start up backed by the best of the best when it comes to building revolutionary services for the world of AI.

If you’re an ambitious, tech savvy human who loves getting their teeth into technical challenges – we have your dream team of like minded colleagues waiting to meet you!

As the newest Frontend Engineer you will be working with a cross functional team of (really clever) Engineers, all working together to ensure data setup, annotation and exchange are delivered as smoothly as a hot knife in butter. You’ll be working with millions upon millions of datapoints (some structured, some less so) and building tools that not only transform this data, but that interpret it too!

Obviously the tech side is important, but you’ll also be working a lot with both internal and external stakeholders, addressing issues that can be both non-technical and technical. You’ll be running these projects from concept to completion so a holistic approach to Software Engineering is key!

Your everyday will involve:

  • Holding project kick off sessions
  • Improving micro-frontends 
  • Automating flows and other aspects of the workload
  • Working with 2D and 3D cloud point data
  • Liaising with Product teams and end users to ensure experiences are seamless


Obviously we’re aware that the perfect candidate doesn’t always exist (at least not at the scale we want them), so if you have a few of the below and an interest in the above, consider this opportunity a great match for you!

  • Solid background working professionally with React or Vue, Typescript, WebGL. 
  • Independent working – we don’t micromanage, solve the problem how you see fit!
  • A strong desire to produce top quality code with clean code principles

On top of the exciting day to day, you’ll be looking at a package of up to €95,000 salary, fully remote working (within Germany), opportunities to travel and work abroad for 30 days at a time, 30 days PTO plus public holidays, fantastic pension scheme, excellent career progression opportunities, flexible working hours and much more!



Step 1 – a chat with me (Elliot), finding out more about you, how you work, what makes you tick.

Step 2 – a Technical interview with 2 members of the team.

Step 3 – Meet the team – either an onsite or virtual meet depending on your location.

All being well, you’ll receive an offer and get started working in your career defining role!