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The Live Series Podcast

  • Culture

  • Coaching

  • Hiring

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  • Scaling

Being a Guest on The Live Series Podcast

What Would We Talk About?

​The podcast covers a range of subjects that gives insight into the world of tech leadership. Topics include but aren't limited to culture, diversity, hiring, coaching methods, scaling and team management. You have complete control on what you want the discussion to revolve around. With episodes released each month, covering a variety of topics, the choice is yours.

What Should I Expect?

Each episode lasts 20-60 minutes, this ensures each guest can equally contribute and gain optimal value from the discussion. Our specialist consultants and marketing team will work with you to ensure your discussion involves topics that you are genuinely interested in and will provide you with the most value.

You can find out how it works by downloading our free information brochure below!


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