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Episode 32 | Leah Cohen | GIving Women The Same Opportunities in Tech

Episode 32 | Leah Cohen on GIving Women in Tech Equal OpportunitiesCo-Founder / Software Engineer​In the latest episode of The Live Series Podcast, Heather was joined by Software Engineer / Co-Foun...

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Feature Episode: The Startup Journey with The Benefit of Hindsight

Liston on Spotify​​Co-Founder of Amicus Shaun Connor hosts CEO of My Digital John Whelan to discuss the benefit of hindsight when it comes to founding a SaaS business including: 💰 Funding - what’...

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Roundtable: The Journey from Software Engineer to Engineering Manager

Listen on Spotify​​In this latest episode of The Live Series, Jamie Crowley hosts a roundtable with industry leaders: Daniel Lazarovici Engineering Manager, Firmnav Søren Bjørnbo Engel Director ...

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