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Lead Angular Developer

Job description

Lead Angular Developer €100,000 - €110,000

The company

Analytics and data aggregation tool allowing visibility for clients, API infra that connects your data tool to clients platforms.  


Team – 4 devs growing to 12   

Clients – 42 Clients and growing  

 The role  

Lead Angular Developer  – €100,000 - €110,000

Digital twin – imagine a 3d model of a pen for example, what the service does is breaks down the pen into every possible material element that made the pen up. The SaaS works with manufacturing businesses, Microsoft, Lush etc. the software has access to millions of data points to allow insight into 4 areas of manufacturing,

1 – what are the risks if the elements weren’t available, how quickly/easily and available are replacements

2 – how much it costs.

3- sustainability – are they meeting carbon emission goals

4 – compliance – are they meeting regulations etc.  

This is a graph based model which they call a digital twin, it explains what the impact will be on each of the 4 elements.

Incredibly profitable, works with 42 huge name clients. Each ticket value can be worth over €1.5m which is pretty unique. The complexity of the product is high, connecting millions of data sources to customers data. It’s a delicate process, needs Graph based tech – none negotiable.

Anywhere in Europe, also offers relocation to Germany. Can’t offer outside of Eu because of data laws.  


How many stages – 4 

1 – call with HR

2 – call with HM 

3 – tech call/challenge during call 

4 – final with CEO