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Meet Jordan Hayward - Our Python Development Specialist

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A few weeks ago, Jordan Hayward joined Amicus Recruitment as a Recruitment Consultant. We recently caught up with him to find out how he was adapting to life at Amicus Recruitment and how he was finding his new market.

How has your first few weeks at Amicus Recruitment been?

First few weeks at Amicus have been very good! It’s been challenging learning the Python market, however I’ve been supported a lot by everyone in the business which has made it 100 times easier for me. I got involved with my first monthly incentive and I’ve climbed to top of the leader board in pool, so a very good start all in all.

What have you been doing since you’ve started?

My biggest focus in the first few weeks has been around learning the Python market and introducing myself to as many candidates and clients as possible. I’ve managed to speak to a number of great people and have even got on a couple of good requirements on.

What’s your area of specialism and why do you feel you’ll be successful in this market?

The area I specialise in is the Python market across London. Throughout my career I have worked in a number of candidate short markets and have had to go the extra mile when headhunting and attracting the markets best talent. The Python market is very similar.

What I’ve found is that the market is incredibly candidate short, which is resulting in candidates having the power when it comes to selection. It’s therefore even more important to be able to sell a role, company and opportunity. I take pride in being good at understanding a business / requirement, which will play in my favour when selling opportunities to my candidates. This combined with my drive to hunt out the markets very best talent is why I will be successful in the role.

What attracted you to work for Amicus Recruitment over other agencies?

The directors have clearly pathed out a progression plan for every employee. I’m at a stage in my career where I’m looking to develop my own career, but also have a big contribution to the success of a business as well. Amicus are still a young company and their vision for the foreseeable future aligned perfectly with my own.

What are your goals in the next 12 months?

I’m currently building a market from scratch; therefore, I’m looking to develop a reputation across London as a solid recruiter within the Python market providing both clients and candidates with the very best service. I’m also looking to take myself from a consultant to a senior consultant and obviously make the annual trip to Marbella

Finally, tell us an interesting fact about you!

I’ve lived in America and Australia over the past few years but am now settled in Manchester for the foreseeable future.

If you'd like to get in touch with Jordan about opportunities within the Python Development/Managerial market across London, please get in touch with him directly on 0203 907 8466 or email him

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