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Who am I? - Jamie Crowley

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Who am I? – Jamie Crowley! ​

Jamie is our latest addition to our growing, ambitious recruitment team. After his first month in the role, we recently caught up with him to find out how he was finding his new position and what his role at Amicus Recruitment will entail.

How has your first few weeks at Amicus Recruitment been?

Really good! It’s been great getting to know the team and learning my way around the systems. I feel like I’ve settled in really quickly and everyone has been so accommodating. I need to brush up on my pool skills though…

What have you been doing since you’ve started?

I’ve been getting in touch with candidates across my specialist area to get a better understanding of how the Front End Development market is looking at the moment. It’s been great to see which technologies are thriving and how invested people are. I’ve also engaged with some excellent clients who I’m looking forward to doing a lot of future business with.

 What’s your area of specialism and why do you feel you’ll be successful in this market?

I am specialising in Front End Development across West / Central London. Although I’ve worked in IT Recruitment before, development is a whole different kettle of fish. It feels great to specialise in one key area of IT and I’m really enjoying the learning curve that comes with each day. I know I’ll be successful in this market because I’m naturally a driven person who wants to succeed in everything I do, both in and out of work.

What attracted you to work for Amicus Recruitment over other agencies?

I was interested in Amicus as soon as I heard of them and what they do. It drew me in that their only focus is London and how niche their areas are. I’d say I’ve been proven right in my decision to come here – I’m really enjoying getting to grips with the market and how differently Amicus operate to other agencies that I am aware of. The culture is great, and you can have a laugh with the team whilst still focusing on the primary goal of happy candidates and happy clients.

What are your goals in the next 12 months?

12 months from now, I’d like to be a known name in the Frontend market across London. I plan on going on more client visits in London and building relationships for the future. I’m confident I will be hitting my targets regularly and having candidates/clients coming back to me due to previous good experiences.

Finally, tell us an interesting fact about you!

I qualified for Junior Mastermind when I was 10 with James Bond films as my chosen category…unfortunately I never got onto the TV show

If you'd like to get in touch with Jamie about opportunities within the Front-End Development market across London, please get in touch with him directly on 0203 907 8468 or email him at



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