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Why would I look for a job at this time of year? 4 weeks before Christmas?!

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In our latest blog, our Front End Development specilaist, Jamie Crowley, questions whether or not its a good time to look for a new role before Christmas.

Why would I look for a job at this time of year? 4 weeks before Christmas?!

November and December are arguably the two most stressful months of the year. Christmas is obviously the main thing – trying to dash around buying gifts for people in between working long hours, arranging childcare and not to mention the fact that transport becomes a nightmare because for some reason, us lot in the UK don’t seem to know how to handle cold weather properly yet..

So why on earth would I want to look for a job on top of all of this?! Well – you’d be surprised at how beneficial it could actually be.

Think about it – in the earlier months of the year, people tend to have more time on their hands. It’s much easier to take calls out of hours when there’s not a million other things on your mind and it’s a much nicer thought to commute to an interview in the sun rather than worrying you’ll turn up frozen solid. Problem is; everyone has the same thought process.

This means that if you’re looking for a job now, you’re in a much stronger position than you may think. People may think “well I have a four week notice so I may as well just start after Christmas now” or “they won’t be able to get me started before the New Year anyway”. Believe me when I tell you this is not always the case. Yes, this means you may have to juggle buying presents, hiding them from the kids, trying to arrange the Christmas Dinner etc etc – but your chances of securing a role are much better. People who are ‘passively’ looking will be waiting until 2020 which means there is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage and find your dream job.

I’m not going to sit here and say interviewing with companies is a nice, relaxing way to spend your festive period. However if you aren’t enjoying your current role or you’re really keen to move forwards in your career, now is the time to do it. I think people may be surprised at how many companies are still looking to hire at the same rate at this time of year.

So if you’re more interested in where you will be working in the New Year rather than how long the turkey needs in the oven or how many brussel sprouts you need to feed the 13 people coming to your house for Christmas dinner, get in touch! I’ve got roles in the London JavaScript market paying £35-100k and yes…the companies want to hire TODAY!


You can get in touch with Jamie directly at or call him on 0203 907 8468

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