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New Golang Live Series Webinar Announced

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Golang Live is a series of live events designed to connect the tech community and drive exposure & learning to Golang professionals. By bringing successful people together, we can add value to tech professionals who want to develop their skillset as well as for tech leaders who want to help their team to develop.

THURSDAY 26th AUGUST @ 6pm (UK) / 7pm (Europe)

Introduction to Infrastructure as code using Go & CDK

Jake O'Regan will be hosting a live Q & A alongside Golang expert and Head of Cloud at 1NCE,  Robert Tingirica. In this webinar, you’ll receive an invaluable insight into the world of Go and CDK as well as being walked through an introduction to infrastructure as code from an industry top dog.

Is a static programming language right for infrastructure as Code? Can you deploy a serverless workload using CDK in production? We'll try to answer these question and more, as we build infrastructure components in AWS taking advantage of this technology.

Attendance is completely free. See you there and enjoy the show!

Register here:

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