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5 Must-Listen Podcasts From Advocates of Diversity in Tech

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How Diverse is the Tech Industry?

The tech industry has long been suffering from a diversity crisis. Making tech more diverse has proved difficult and the number of tech professionals from minority backgrounds aren’t exactly soaring.

The growth of diversity in tech continues to be slow, so how can we bring the tech industry up to speed with the rest of the world?

Gender Pay Gap In Tech

According to the UK Tech Workplace Equality Report, the pay gap between male and female software engineers in the UK is as high as 10%. Meanwhile, the gap in pay between Data Analysers as high as an 8%.

Minority Ethnicities in Tech

Black tech professionals are hugely under-represented in the UK. With 65% of the UK tech workforce identifying as white, 17% Asian and 6% Mixed/Multiple, just 3% of the British tech industry is black.

Only Hispanic identifying tech pros are less in numbers making up as little as 2%. (The remaining 4% didn’t disclose this information).

Promoting Diversity in Tech

There are some really powerful movements, communities, figureheads, speakers and influencers out there making a difference to balance the scales of diversity in tech.

We’re focussing on one of the methods these groups and individuals are utilising to promote diversity in tech – podcasting. In a sea of empowering and inspiring shows, we’ve selected our favourite five.

Black Tech Unplugged

Created by Deena McKay, Black Tech Unplugged is here to educate through the presentation and telling of stories from black people in tech.

The stories are told to help the listener, whoever they are, understand what others have gone through to get where they are.

McKay intends the podcast to be a resource and point of contact for anyone trying to get started in tech.

McKay claims her journey has been peppered with imposter syndrome and sometimes loneliness in tech.

Often finding herself ‘the only one’ in certain tech roles, Deena invites guests to tell their stories about being black in tech and hopes she can increase awareness and advice for future budding tech pros. 


Techish has been running for a few years now and has made quite the mark. Fresh from the folk at POCIT, the podcast covers everything from tech, AI, Silicone Valley and pop-culture to Africa, diversity and career growth.

Hosted by Abadesi, a self-titled ‘protagonist of inclusivity in tech’ and Michael Berhane, ex JavaScript professional and stone in the POCIT foundations, this podcast is both educational and progressive - it's not to be missed.

Black Tech Green Money

Black Tech Green Money is brought to us by AfroTech. Made for ‘Black techies with a passion for capital’, this podcast focusses on educating listeners in investing, HR, marketing, sales, media, film and entertainment for scientists, innovators, engineers and everything in between. Basically everything you need to know to start your own business.

The podcast is hosted by Will Lucas, AfroTech’s Brand Manager, CEO of Creadio and Founder of Tolhouse. With prestigious guests from all walks of life, this podcast is one to hear.

The Women in Tech Show

This podcast makes a point of not being about how it feels to be a woman in tech but actually focusses on the projects the hosts work on.

From technology journalism, the internet, software development and engineering, the Women in Tech Show discusses all aspects of various tech projects the hosts and their guests are involved in.

This podcast will leave you feeling inspired and motivated as you’ll hear real conversations from real tech pros and less of the novelty of being a woman in tech.

Diversity in Tech

Diversity in Tech with Joanna Udo does what it says in the tin. The podcast aims to raise awareness and representation in tech through inviting guests, advocates, recruiters, career strategists and leaders to discuss the finer details of navigating the corporate tech world.

This light hearted show airs weekly and is brought to us by Bridges in Tech, a tech community revolving around diversity particularly aimed at women of colour.

Getting a Job in Tech

Finding the right tech job in the overcrowded tech market can seem daunting. But there’s a quick, hassle-free way to bag an interview with your favourite tech company.

Find the role you’re looking for in Python, Golang or JavaScript in London, Berlin or globally remote and get help from specialists in your field.

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