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Building A Personal Brand in 2021

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Creating, owning and executing a personal brand might seem like a daunting task, but your personal brand doesn’t have to take much time, energy or even effort. With that in mind, you might be asking why do I need a personal brand?

A personal brand doesn’t mean creating a logo that reflects a polished, corporate beacon of success. And, it doesn’t mean becoming an Instagram influencer – unless that’s what you’re aiming for.

Whichever industry you’re in, the main aim of your personal brand is to reflect your values and consistently look professional. So, what’s the best way to build the perfect personal brand?

The Best Social Media for Personal Branding

There are a ton of different channels, platforms, networks and apps to chose from when it comes to positioning your personal brand. However, not all of them will be appropriate for you.

Positioning your personal brand in the places your followers will be most engaged is the best place to start. If you try and tackle all of the platforms all of the time in the name of exposure, you run the risk of saturating your brand and ultimately wasting a lot of time.

For example, if you’re a beauty product reviewer, platforms that focus on visual content like Pinterest or Instagram would probably be your most useful promotional tools. On the other hand, if you’re a recruitment consultant, copy-based platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter would be most best for staying on-brand.

When positioning your personal brand, think about who you want reading your content. Is it potential customers for your service? Is it candidates for roles you’re recruiting for? Once you’ve got a solid understanding of your audience, you can focus on how you’re going to reach them.

The Best Hashtags for a Personal Brand

There’s no set rules for choosing the best hashtags. But, there are ways to make sure you don’t miss any #opportunities with them. Instead of including as many hashtags as possible, let’s focus on maximizing the hashtags you use.

On Instagram, you’re limited to thirty hashtags. But, that doesn’t mean you have to have to use all thirty. It’s best to stay relevant instead of cluttering up your post for extra reach. It all boils down to quality over quantity.

How to Make The Most of Hashtags

When posting content, I’ll branch my hashtags off into relevant categories. For example, if a recruitment company is promoting a role for a Python senior web developer, you should look for the hashtag opportunities that are niche so your post reaches the right people.

Instead of using broad hashtags like #work #job #hiring, look at which categories you can utilize. In this situation, I would lean towards hashtags based around tech, recruitment, Python, web development and company specifics. I.e. #PythonCoding #DeveloperLife #RemoteWorkHiring #SeniorDeveloperHiring.

Nailing Your Personal Brand as a Recruiter

Recruitment consultants rely heavily on their brand, reputation and first impression. That’s why it’s extra important for recruitment folk to focus on their personal branding. So, how do you build a strong personal brand as a recruiter?

It might seem obvious, but utilizing LinkedIn is vital for recruiters. It’s the social networking bible for recruiters. It’s the best place to find out about people’s past and current professional status and, more importantly, it’s the best place to showcase yours.

The Best Content for Recruiters to Post on Linked In

As a recruiter, you need to appear (and be) reliable, professional and approachable. That means not using your platforms to solely share the jobs you have available.

Sharing consistent and engaging content is the best way to make your personal brand stand out from the crowd. You could write an article sharing your knowledge on the best ways to interview remotely or share your thoughts on the week’s hot topics or start a podcast.

Create and share content that informs people on your expertise, opinions and values. It not only shows potential candidates that you’re super invested in your work, but it speaks volumes about how much you’ll be invested in them too.

The Best Recruiters

If you’re a recruiter trying to build your personal brand, Amicus Recruitment can help you develop, learn and thrive in a competitive environment surrounded by other successful recruiters.

We have award nominated recruitment consultants on our team (as well as being nominated for a couple of awards as a company) and you could join us.

By becoming  recruitment consultant with Amicus, you can benefit from a nurtured, career-defining position where you’ll be supported, pushed and empowered by like-minded recruiters as well as our dedicated marketing and HR team.

Join Amicus Today

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