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Episode 3 | Dipti Dhawan | Being On-Boarded Remotely as a VP of Engineering

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Being On-Boarded Remotely as a VP of Engineering with Dipti Dhawan

In episode three of The Live Series Podcast, Dave had the delight of speaking to Dipti Dhawan.

Dipti is the VP of Engineering for omni:us. Omni:us are a SaaS provider for the claims management sector, transforming the way insurers interact with insured parties. Dipti has been involved in software engineering all her life, from being young and having family connections, through to graduating in Computer Science and building her career across technology up to a VP of Engineering where she now leads and inspires a team of tech professionals in Berlin.

In this episode we discuss the following topics:

  • Her journey from a computer science graduate through to a VP of Engineering

  • Her experience of being onboarded remotely as a tech leader

  • Building relationships internally on a much more personal level than before

  • Working from home advantages & the challenges that come from that

  • Not compromising on what you enjoy as a tech professional when making career choices

Amicus Recruitment help businesses connect with the best Python, Golang & JavaScript professionals across UK & Europe. We partner with some of the top global brands providing both contract and permanent recruitment solutions when they need us the most. We are passionate about the tech community and are committed to help drive exposure to these technologies by writing blogs, sharing content, arranging meetups & working on some of the very best requirements on the market.

Within every great tech business, are amazingly talented people. Our passion is to connect these people to the organisations who produce some of the best tech products in the world.

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