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London Tech Week In Full Swing

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London Tech Week 2021 

London Tech week 2021 is in full flow this week in Newham, Hammersmith, Fulham and Peckham. The festival seemingly becomes more inclusive each year – and this year is no different.

2021 marks the eighth birthday of the festival and the series of tech focussed events are becoming increasingly internationally diverse as the event and industry develops.

LTW is an annual collection of reviews, seminars, webinars and networking events all celebrating tech in the heart of UK’s leading tech scene.

Like many large scale events due to take place last year, London Tech Week went virtual for the first time ever. However, this was good news for international audiences not able to physically attend in previous years and subsequently increased the event’s reach significantly this year.

This has led to this year’s festival being a hybrid of virtual and physical events with the founder of LTW claiming there’s no going back to old ways.

Russ Shaw, London Tech Week’s Founder, has given this year’s event three main themes - tech for good, tech for all and tech for the economy.

The reasoning behind these themes is so ‘non-techies’ can get involved in the events online, internationally and in person with the added bonus of low or no attendance fees.

It also means that techies across the globe can attend free online events included in the schedule from industry leaders.

Speakers include tech company founders, investors and ministers international renown. The goal of the festival is to solidify the UK’s position as third biggest tech ecosystem behind China and the US.

UK Tech Jobs

London is the UK’s hub for tech and has recently seen a rise in start-ups, tech jobs and investment. In fact, the UK saw its first increase in tech jobs since the pandemic this week.

IT Pro reported this week that London remains the UK's leader in tech jobs with up to 44000 positions available. Meanwhile, tech roles in Manchester and Leeds have increased but Newcastle and Liverpool's offerings have fallen according to Accenture's Tech Talent Tracker.

Searching for a tech job? Check out the range of roles available across London, Berlin and global working-from-home opportunities in Python, Golang and JavaScript.

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