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Best 6 Programming Podcasts

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Best 6 Programming Podcasts

Sometimes, tapping into the programming community can seem like a daunting task. But with platforms like Reddit and Github to provide you with the latest Python, Golang or JavaScript news, why not listen to a podcast?

Podcasts are a great way to learn while you work (or code). If you like to feel a part of a community, podcasts can sometimes be more effective than just reading an article or post in a forum.

Podcasts can help you feel more connected and can be more explanatory as well as accessible. So, here are our favourite podcasts for Golang, Python and JavaScript enthusiasts.

The Live Series

The Live Series podcast is the perfect dose of inslight for tech leaders. Host David Lawrence chats with industry experts on leading teams and their journey to becoming who they are today. 


This podcast in particular is beneficial to anyone wanting to expand or develop their career and learn about how to excell in tech. 


Hosted by Michael Kennedy, this show is a casual conversation between industry experts covering everything Python as well as related subjects like MongoDB, AngularJS and DevOps.

Each episode is usually around 45 minutes with each featuring a guest who is an experienced developer making waves or a known python personality. This podcast is a must listen for any Python programmer.


Python Bytes is also hosted by Michael Kennedy but in this insightful podcast, he’s joined by Brian Okken. This pod can be used more as a weekly update on Python news and topics. It’s great for any programmer who doesn’t have time to scour through Reddit or Twitter for their latest Python fix.


GoTime is the Golang Engineer’s best friend. With insights into the Golang community from various developers, industry leaders and Gophers.

Discussion includes everything from cloud infrastructure, distributed systems, microservices, Kuber, Docker and, of course, Go!

Friday Afternoon Deploy

This organized chaos show is unapologetic with it’s realistic reflection of the haphazard life of a developer. The show is created by the ’makers and breakers’ of digital products like Lofty Labs who build with Python, Django, Ruby and Rails and Golang.

The show is made all the more human when the hosts spend Friday afternoons cracking a beer and talking about their regrets.

JS Party

JS Party is the JavaScript developer’s live insight into the world of all things JavaScript. Topics discussed include we platforms, frontend frameworks, Node.js, web animation, SVG, robotics,  IoT and more.

Getting Noticed in Tech

If you’re a Gopher, JavaScript Developer, AI Engineer, Data Scientist, Python Programmer or something similar, you might be inundated with job offers. ]The demand for developers is higher than the supply.

If you’re passively looking for a new job but don’t want to rely on a cold-calling recruiter to pick your job for you, check out our Python, Golang and JavaScript opportunities.


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