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#AmicusLife Feature No. 1

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#AmicusLife Feature No.1

Welcome to the first #AmicusLife blog.

Amicus Life is what we’re calling our little snippet of insight into the world of Amicus. Read what happens behind the scenes and get to know the team as well as gain valuable insight into the tech recruitment industry.

This month’s #AmicusLife article focusses on one of our Recruitment Consultants, Sam Smith. From Studley, Sam joined the team at Amicus HQ back in 2020 as a Trainee Consultant and has since risen through the ranks gaining two promotions in just one year.

We asked him some questions to get his take on #AmicusLife.

What were you doing before you joined Amicus?

Before starting at Amicus, I was working in retail. I'd been there for about seven years and moved to Chester from Birmingham to do my degree in Sport Science. I knew I didn't want to be in retail forever so I started looking for recruitment roles when I left uni.

I knew a few people in recruitment at a couple of branches in Chester. One of them had really excelled at it and, after a few conversations with him, I started applying.

I applied for three different places originally and Amicus was one of them. I went to the first interview and was rejected. Then, after my interview at Amicus, I cancelled the third interview – I was that impressed.

What appealed to you about Amicus?

It was the speed of their decision making. The whole interview process was very smooth. I was required to answer interview questions via an online screening with one of the directors first.

Then I came into the office and met with David and Shaun. I really enjoyed it. Everything about the office was great and the people there made me feel very relaxed and welcome. Following my interview, I was offered the job. Their process was and is very straightforward.

How have you developed since starting at Amicus?

I’m constantly learning new things about tech, the market and business, and my communication skills have gone through the roof.

Developers are constantly bringing fresh, creative ideas into the world and it’s exciting to be involved in their projects and find them new opportunities. I’m learning something new every day.

What challenges have you come across in recruitment?

You can get thrown curveballs that reshape the rest of your day. For example, a candidate’s interview might go a different way from how you expected it to. It might disrupt you a little bit but you quickly learn to juggle and push through.

Everyone’s very supportive at Amicus. It’s competitive, but you know the team has your back should an issue arise.

What do you aim to get out of working at Amicus?

I want a career in this and I'm enjoying my time here immensely. I’ve made progress quickly and I aim to have my own team and to contribute to the growth of Amicus.

Do you have anything else to say about working at Amicus?

Seniors, directors, HR and the sales team all blend as one here. Everyone talks to everyone. There's no cliques – it’s genuinely a great place to work.

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