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#AmicusLife Feature No. 2

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#AmicusLife Feature No.2

Welcome to the second instalment of #AmicusLife.

Amicus Life is what we’re calling our little snippet of insight into the world of Amicus. Read what happens behind the scenes and get to know the team as well as gain valuable insight into the tech recruitment industry. This month’s #AmicusLife article focusses on one of our Senior Recruitment Consultants, Jake O'Regan. From Manchester, Jake was the first ever employee at Amicus HQ back in March 2018 and is now one of Amicus' top billers.

What were you doing before you joined Amicus?

I was working for another recruitment agency in Manchester city centre. It was a very corporate environment wearing a suit every day. I was recruiting for finance professionals.

What appealed to you about Amicus?

My last role was all shared commission. So, no matter how well I did, the other people might not be pulling their weight but the commission still was all shared. So there wasn't much of a financial gain from it. When I met with Shaun, I loved the start-up culture that was in place. I liked the training that was on offer and also the chance of a lucrative career..

How have you developed since starting at Amicus?

I came in knowing nothing other than what a good CV look like. I pretty much had to start again. So it I might as well have been a trainee. I've worked my way up to a senior level and I like to think that I’m a respected member of the team and top biller within the company.

What challenges have you come across in recruitment?

Every day is a new challenge. The challenge is to just to not get your hopes up.

I took things quite personally when I first came in and things started to go wrong for me. People not showing up for interviews, or people accepting a job and you start planning what you’re going to do with the commission. Then the next day they’ll ring you up and tell you that they've accepted something else and decided not to take your job in the end.

So I took it very personally, I was quite emotional about it all. Wondering why the world was against me but now I'm pretty thick skinned. If it’s done, it’s done and you can move onto the next one.

In your first six months, you’ll experience things like that. It's a tough job anyway, but then it just becomes a lot harder. You obviously put in all these hours and you're not reaping the rewards of it. So you do need to have pretty thick skin to be able to be successful. I learned that the hard way.

What do you aim to get out of working with Amicus?

To continue climbing the ladder. I do want to be in a position where I'm not just doing recruitment. I want to do other things. I want to have a part of the business ultimately and have a really key role within the actual business rather than just the recruitment side of things. And, outside of work, I just want financial freedom.

Do you have anything else you want to say about working at Amicus?

Advice I’d give to future recruiters would be to stick with it. After coming from a recruitment background, and knowing people in recruitment and recruitment business, it’s hard but it could be a lot worse.

Even when the bad times are bad. It could be a lot, lot worse. It's a pretty cutthroat industry as a whole. Whereas Amicus is a lot more patient and willing to develop people. So stick with it even through the bad times.

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