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Amicus Launches Rebrand

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Amicus Launch Rebrand

Amicus might be fairly new to the industry, but it’s becoming apparent that this agency’s fresh take on tech recruitment pins us one to watch for 2022.

Founded by recruitment gurus Shaun Connor and David Lawrence in 2017, this agency is already making waves.

The company has embarked on a trajectory with nearly 20 new consultants across their London, Berlin and Austin, Texas offices, a new marketing department and even landing themselves on numerous award shortlists including 2 nods from the Global Recruitment Awards 2021.

The story of Amicus so far is impressive, but it hasn’t come easily and Directors / Co-Founders David and Shaun aren’t taking their foot off the gas any time soon.

Shaun Connor said, “We’re currently in the process of expanding our U.S. team as well as other areas of the globe. We’re really excited about the rapid growth of the company but it hasn’t come easily.”

“We provide our consultants with rigorous training to make sure they have the confidence to do a great job and represent the brand really well.”

Amicus’ NPS score of 80 and gleaming five-star Glassdoor reviews has made them a red-hot target for budding recruitment consultants to join the company during its current scale-up phase.

Plus, with satisfied clients like Betway, Zap, Iwoca, Nutmeg and Nuri, it’s easy to see why Amicus is on the radar of some of the globe’s biggest brands.

David adds, “To support the company’s rapid growth, we’ve undergone a huge rebrand. At the pace the company is expanding, we need the face of Amicus to consistently match our ever-rising standards. We have a big vision for the team, and we’ve only just begun when it comes to what we will achieve.”

Amicus focuses solely on hiring within Golang, Python and Javascript making their offerings very niche but that’s why this company’s philosophy is so unique.

Shaun says, “Most of our consultants have never written a line of code before. We implement a dynamic and supportive system that means our employees help each other out without having the cliché wolf-of-wall-street-attitude many agencies have these days."

What’s more, Amicus are propelling into the centre of tech communities all over the world – and not just to recruit.

Since the launch of their podcast/webinar brand The Live Series, the recruitment agency has gained thousands of followers online.

“We’re very honest in what we do. We’re a recruitment agency, and we’re proud of the great job we’re doing being one.

But, we also know our audience would rather see a quick video teaching them a new line of code or how to hire the best talent over a targeted ad of our services.

That’s why we put so much energy into building our community of tech enthusiasts; from CTOs to Junior Developers, our community is growing every day. We’re really excited to keep bringing new ideas to the table and new information to our followers” Said David.

Whether you’re looking for the next move in your career, a new hire or want to be a part of the buzz these software engineering specialists are creating, it’s evident that Amicus is becoming the go-to hub for all things tech recruitment.

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