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10 JavaScript Influencers to Follow in 2022

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10 Best JavaScript Influencers to Follow in 2022

What’s a JavaScript Developer?

A JavaScript developer is someone who implements, programs and develops websites using the JavaScript coding language. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and is quite a common choice among developers.

JavaScript has been with us for over two decades and, with over 10 million users to boot, it’s easy to see why the JavaScript community has so many enthusiasts raring to share their expert JavaScript insight.

JavaScript experts are based all over the globe and, with tech hubs like Berlin, London and Austin peppering the market with new opportunities, now could be a good time to get to know the influencers JavaScript developers are turning to for the latest know-how.

Why Turn to Influencers?

Many organisations looking for new JavaScript developers can sometimes look within their business and try to retain their best tech talent. But, don’t let this dishearten you. Whether you’re looking to become a JavaScript developer or want to learn the language to boost your skillset, there are certain skills needed to be a successful developer.

You can learn these skills through things like online courses, blogs, webinars and podcasts, but there’s plenty of easy-to-access information learned firsthand from people who have experienced the trials and tribulations of being a JavaScript developer. We’ve listed our top ten JavaScript influencers who could help, educate or inspire you in your JavaScript journey.

1. @TaelurAlexis

At just 25 years old, Florida based Tae’lur Alexis is here to “Help people fall in love with code”. She writes coding tutorials including those in JavaScript as well as livestreaming her progress within Python on her Twitch.

She aims to help people understand and get enthusiastic about coding with simplified explanations. She also demonstrates her own journey with the view to show people how to progress through a career in programming.

2. @samantha_ming

Samantha Ming’s website is full to the brim with tidbits, useful tips and articles on subjects ranging from best coding practices to JavaScript know-how.

Samantha includes everything on her website from opinions on social causes, the tools she uses to do what she does and encouraging content to help aspiring JavaScript programmers.

3. @codebeast

Code Beast, aka Christian Nwamba, is a super influential teacher, software engineer and public speaker. Christian recently joined the AWS team at Amazon as well as speaking at the annual JSHeroes conference.

4. @ania_kubow

Ania is one of the most prominent JavaScript coders out there today. She posts JavaScript games on her YouTube channel, which has over 200k subscribers as well as 15k followers on her Instagram.

5. @cassidoo

“Making memes and dreams and software!” is Cassidy’s ethos. Cassidy Williams is based in Chicago and as well as being a developer, she’s a start-up advisor, investor, and experience expert.

You can check out her timeline of all her projects, episodes and articles and even sign up to her newsletter via her website.

6. @Wattenberger

Based in Washington, Amelia Wattenbergeris a web developer, designer, staff research engineer and data visualiser. With over 22k followers on Twitter, she is proving to be a pivotal figure for aspiring developers with her online courses and engaging content on her website.

7. @molly_struve

Molly is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Netflix based in Chicago. With just short of 20k followers, Molly is hands down an inspiration for aspiring developers. With a degree in Aero/Astro, she saw herself 9 years later become a leader of software teams.

She’s an international speaker, blogger, writer and podcaster and you can check out some of her work here.

8. @marcysutton

Marcy Sutton is an independent web developer and accessibility advocate based in Bellingham, WA. Mostly, Marcy engages with development teams to help them foster more accessible practices in websites they built. Check out her services here.

9. @NikkitaFTW

With almost 40k followers on Twitter, Sara Viera is an author and developer. She’s even written about navigating JavaScript in her book "The Opinionated Guide to React". Based in Berlin, Sara Is originally from Portugal and posts plenty of engaging content on her website.

10. @lavie_encode

With just under 15k followers, Nicole Archambault labels herself a “black, autistic potty mouth” who podcast provides inspiration for many coders everywhere at various stages in their career. Her website is also rich with super useful content for developers everywhere.

Want to explore more within the JavaScript community? Find it here.

JavaScript FAQs

Is JavaScript Front End or Backend?

You can do frontend or backend on JavaScript which is why it’s so popular and people who do both are full stack. So, how much does a JavaScript Developer make? Well, it can vary depending on the level you’re at in your career as well as where you’re based, whether you’re working remotely and of course, your experience. For example, a Senior Full Stack Engineer working remotely in London might earn between £60k - £80, whereas a Front End Engineer might earn up to $200k a year in Austin. This is a decent example of a JavaScript developer salary in 2022.

How to get a job as a JavaScript developer

Different web developer, coding or programming roles don’t require specific qualifications. If you have the right experience and decent resume, you could be a candidate for your dream JavaScript developer roles. You can find many remote JavaScript jobs here.

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