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How to Become a Golang Developer in 2022

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Golang Developer Job Description

Go (also known as Golang) is a programming language created specifically for the cloud by Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson and Rob Pike and was released by Google in November 2009. Engineers favour it for its innovation, efficiency and pace. Organisations favour it for its enhanced safety features, readability and convenience.

Go allows users to work across complex frameworks while being user friendly and enjoyable to work with. There are plenty of ways to delve deep into its technical benefits, but how easy is it to become a Golang developer?

Golang Alternatives

Getting a Golang job in 2022 is no mean feat. But, you can make it easier for yourself by weighing up your options. There are alternative languages to Golang such as Python or JavaScript. Both of which have plenty of job opportunities.

But, why is Golang so popular? Go was originally created to replace C++. Golang pulls together elite features of existing languages that allow it to be used quickly and easily and is practically unlimited in what you can build with it.

What Skills Do You Need To Get Hired as a Golang Developer in 2022?

Do you need qualifications to become a Golang Engineer? Not always. Skills needed to become a Golang developer can vary. Usually tech recruiters like Amicus or companies hiring for a Golang vacancy will look for relevant qualifications like a computer science degree.

Even though you’re applying for a Golang job, it helps to know a little about some of its affiliations like GRPC, Gin, Docker, AWS or Kubernetes. Usually experience with Microservices is preferred over experience that lies exclusively with Monoliths too.

Golang Developer Salary 2022

Golang salaries vary across the globe. The salary of a Junior Golang Developer in Berlin will be between €45,000 and €55,000. Whereas, a Lead Golang Developer in London could earn up to £115,000 per year.

A Golang Developer salary will usually depend on your experience and leadership skills as many management positions require keeping the balance between multiple squads. If you’re just starting out, have some projects on GitHub to show off and use platforms like Stack Overflow to develop your knowledge.

Types of Golang Developer

Working in different sectors can mean you’re working with varying technologies and so it’s wise to consider which industry you want to work in and make sure it aligns with your skills.

For example, a role in FinTech will probably revolve around cyber security and app development. Whereas, if you’re more interested in using Golang in Health Tech, you might focus more on monitoring and diagnosing memory use.

Remote Golang Jobs

Remote Golang Jobs aren’t uncommon. In fact, there’s quite a lot on offer. But, before you get too excited, remote roles can often require one or two days in the office a month.

That said, tech hubs around the world like Berlin, Austin and London regularly outsource thousands of roles to Golang engineers all over the world creating successful, functioning teams.

Usually, an organization will require you to be within a similar time zone to their tech team for obvious reasons. Your hours as a Go Engineer will depend on the company’s preferences. These days, organisations tend to be flexible with working hours – especially with remote workers.

Become a Go (Golang) Engineer

Whether you’ve got a STEM degree, have years of experience, have dabbled on GitHub or have led a team, if you’re looking for the next opportunity to evolve your career, Golang is a very useful language to have under your belt.

It’s considered one of the higher paid languages, it’s one of the easiest to use and it’s the new kid on the block in comparison to other technologies meaning it can grow in popularity.

Golang Engineer Job Interview

What should you expect in a Golang job interview? Tech interviews aren’t usually too different from a ‘regular’ interview. However, it’s not uncommon for tech interviews to include a ‘tech test’ where you’d be set a coding challenge.

But don’t be disheartened, there are plenty of ways to prepare to make sure you smash your tech interview.

Golang Jobs in Berlin, London & Austin

Golang jobs in Berlin, Golang jobs in London and Golang jobs in Austin are some of the most exciting roles going at the moment. And, you don’t need to be based in these cities either.

These locations are tech hubs and are brimming with opportunity for Golang Engineers.

Looking to take the next step in your Golang career? Check this out.


Which is the best job board for Golang jobs?

There’s a plethora of jobs available out there. And, plenty job boards to boot. However, you should choose which job board you visit carefully when looking for a specific job within Golang.

Most job boards won’t specify technologies or programming languages in their job ads. They might say something along the lines of ‘Software Developer’ or ‘Frontend Developer’ or ‘Full Stack Developer’ but they won’t be any more specific that that leaving you crawling through a job description just to discover it’s a Java role.

When choosing your job board, be sure to use specialist providers like this one which lets you filter jobs through helpful, time-saving details like programming language, city and type contract.

What are the top frameworks for Go?

The best frameworks for Go in 2022 are widely considered to be Gin, Echo, Revel and Beego. There are quite a few different frameworks that work well with Go, these are just some of their most popular ones.

Is it worth learning Golang in 2022?

Most developers will claim that it’s always worth learning a new language. Golang particularly is probably one of the most valuable languages to have under your belt.

That’s because it’s one of the newer languages, which means it’s got the advantage of being created with any flaws of other languages in mind. It’s easy to use, fast, easy to read and is often safer than other languages.

It’s only going to rise in popularity so it’s almost definitely worth learning Go when you can.

Remote Golang Roles

If you’re interested in a career Golang, start, build and develop your career here. Choose from and apply for freelance, onsite, contract and remote roles with Amicus.

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