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Episode 12 | Sergi Baños Lara | From Intern to CTO in 7 Years

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From Intern to CTO in 7 Years with Sergi Baños Lara

In the latest episode of The Live Series Podcast, Heather welcomes Sergi Baños Lara. Sergi is the CTO at insuretech giant WeFox.

Sergi is in charge of a 150 strong, remote-first tech team based all over the world. We're super exited to have Sergi - who was also named in Forbes 30 under 30 - on the show.

In this episode, the pair discuss:

  • Sergi's journey from intern to CTO in just 7 years

  • Planning & Executing the scaling of a large team

  • Maintaining a healthy culture across large remote teams

  • Advice for aspiring leaders in tech

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