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New Report Says Salary Isn't The Most Important Thing Tech Workers Are Looking For

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​Forbes has published their take on the new report from Hired claiming that the tech jobs market is in great form as software developers become increasingly in demand. This boom in opportunity has also led the industry's employers to keep up and make their roles and organisations as appealing as possible.

How can they do this? Remote working is one of the biggest deal breakers we see at Amicus. Most organisations offer remote working as a standard option, but will still have reservations about where they're based (within a three hour time zone is the norm). They might also require tech leads or management roles to travel to the office one or two days a month.

With the competition so high, Hired's report also touches on the most valuable skills software developers can own in order to rise to the top of the CV pile. Golang pipped all other languages in the the list of top software engineering skills to know. Followed by Ruby on Rails, Scala, Ruby and React Native.

The report also highlighted which are the most in demand roles with full-stack developers being the most requested interview closely followed by backend engineers. Frontend Engineers and data engineers came in 3rd and 4th.

Furthermore, it was found that the US offers the most salary with the UK and Canada catching up closely behind. But, the world's tech hubs could be due for a shift as workers relocate and set their sights on higher paid roles.

The salaries of workers varies all over the globe (obviously) but location isn't the only factor that changes the going wage. Size of the company and experience contribute to how much software engineers earn too. Find out the full details of exactly how much to expect for which tech roles in which locations.

Salary and remote working aren't the only benefits that are attracting software engineers to new roles. The Hired report also showed that money is actually one of the least important things software engineers are concerned of when it comes to being attracted to a role. The most important aspect of a role according to the report would be being able to continuously learn and approach new challenges. Building new products and creating solutions came in second with earning potential coming in third.

Want to see which opportunities are out there for you? Find them here.

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