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Latest Forecasts Say Tech Recruitment Won’t Slow Down

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Have Alphabet Lost Profits?

Alphabet have announced a decline in advertising revenue as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war. After losing 1% of its market – that one percent being Russia – the parent company of Google and YouTube achieved less than Wall Street analyst’s predictions making it their biggest decline in profit since the pandemic.

Why The Redundancies at Klarna?

P&O have laid off hundreds of staff as a result of inflation and the impact of the pandemic. Klarna have also now also laid off hundreds of their staff because of inflation. However, the main reason is probably due to new regulations tightening their grasp on Buy Now Pay Later in favour of the consumer to minimise debt for their customers.

It might be easy to think that these recent shifts in global markets make the hiring landscape look less than sunny. But, the plans for hiring and growth beg to differ.

Are Tech Companies Still Hiring?

According to ForbesTim Bajarin, big tech companies – as they always have – will ride out this economic downturn. He says, “Microsoft has doubled its employees' bonus pool and is making expansion plans. Google has committed to hiring more engineers and is moving ahead with the Google Village expansion in downtown San Jose which can house another 25,000 engineers.”

Chris Gray, UK Director at ManpowerGroup, told Talinternational: “These record hiring plans demonstrate the continuation of an employment trend, which sees businesses keeping their feet firmly on the gas, despite the familiar challenges with the UK labour market. Despite a shrinking workforce and with a large proportion of inactive workers, employers are still keen to recruit fresh talent to help them deliver their services, and to surf the wave of growth for as long as possible.”

With Tech hires expected to increase even more in Q3, how can companies know that their roles are the most appealing in the market? Are salaries a priority for software developers these days?

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