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An Introduction to Practical MLOps

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The Python Community

Python Live is a series of free, live events designed to connect the tech community and educate Python, AI and Machine Learning professionals worldwide for free.

By bringing successful people together, we can add value to tech professionals who want to develop their skillset as well as for tech leaders who want to help their team to develop.

Free Python Webinar

Thursday 16th June | 5:30pm BST | FREE

"I’ll be introducing the main concepts of MLOps in a way that is tool independent, with a focus on defining good processes and architecture for your ML systems.

I’ll then dive into some concrete examples that show how to start building up these MLOps processes in your Python code. I’ll finish off with some views on how to scale all this up to the Enterprise level and some of the challenges that entails.

I’ll keep referring back to my book where I’ve written a lot of this down and I’ll point to some of the cool and publicly shared work we’ve done at NatWest with AWS on enterprise scale MLOps." - Andy McMahon

Attendees will automatically receive a discount code for Andy's fascinating book and will all be entered into a free prize giveaway for their own e-book copy!

Find Python Developers

Source the best Python developers from all over the globe. Our database is full of top-tier Machine Learning Engineers, Golang Engineers and JavaScript Engineers. Have a Python Developer join your company on a contract or permanent basis. We'll give you all the support, advice and resources to make sure your company find the perfect fit to fill your vacancy.

How Will the Webinar Work?

You can register for free to attend the webinar which will last no longer than an hour. Our guest speaker, Nathen says "Code monoliths have become very common in today’s software engineering environment. We're going to focus on solutions for dealing with a monolith that will ensure as little friction to business value as possible."

How Can I Attend The Webinar?

You only need access to a Zoom account and an hour of your time to gain this valuable insight from an industry pro. Register here and your host Jake O’Regan will start the webinar at 6pm GMT (7pm CET) on Tuesday 23rd November and you’ll be granted access via our Eventbrite page.

Head there now to register as spaces can fill up quickly and enjoy the show.

Can’t make this webinar? Watch our previous presentations here and check out more upcoming webinars here.

Thursday 16th June

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