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​Stack Overflow Survey 2022

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Stack Overflow Survey 2022

The annual Stack Overflow Survey has been released. So, we dove head first into the plethora of information it presents and we’ve helpfully broken it down for you.

What’s the most loved programming language?

JavaScript has forever been one of (if not THE) most popular language and refuses to budge from the top spot.

It reins supreme as the most used language of the 70,000+ developers who took the survey. TypeScript has also leap-frogged Java in the top 5 most commonly used programming languages.

Software Developer Salary

Salaries have also increased. Since their 2021 survey, Stack Overflow reported that salaries have increased by 23% averaging $75,592 from last year’s $52,340.

How to Become a Software Engineer (According to Software Engineers)

The survey also reported on the education of a software engineer and identified the most common aspects of the software engineering career path.

41% of software engineers have a Bachelor’s degree while 21% also have a Master’s.

That said, as a company who deals with software developers every day, we know that to become a software engineer, you don’t necessarily need a degree. You can be self-taught and succeed!

70% of software developers look to online resources like videos, blogs, forums and webinars like The Live Series.

That’s actually higher than the 62% of developers who learnt most of their coding skills from school or university.

Over half of developers get their information from books and reading material while just under half also get their info from online courses.

How to Stay Up to Date as a Software Developer

Interestingly, the survey also asked it’s 70,000+ developers about how they learn while at work and how supported they feel in learning new skills as a developer.

It’s well known that developers need to keep their finger on the pulse, but helping out new developers and improving their skills isn’t as popular in the industry as you might have thought.

Just 63% of software developers actually use learning resources provided by their employer to improve their skills while only 66% feel involved in supporting new hires during their onboarding process.

25% of developers said they spend over an hour a day searching for answers online with 78% saying their employer gives them time to learn new skills. That means 22% of developers aren’t seeing encouraged learning time at work.

Getting a Job as a Software Developer

Working remote or hybrid is very common among the tech community. Our research shows that just 4% of developers actually go into the office 4-5 days a week.

So, when you’re looking to get hired as a software developer, your options can vary from remote, hybrid, fully remote, contract and permanent software developer jobs.

There is a role for you! All you have to do is find it here. Start your search now.

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