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What Do Workers Want In An Office?

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What do workers want in an office?

When your team is in the office, are you doing enough to make them comfortable? Are the company benefits you’ve implemented actually having an effect on your team’s motivation, wellness or focus?

Landsec have released their report, ‘The Future Office’, showcasing some of the changes you can make to your office to maximise comfort, productivity and overall morale of your team.

Is hybrid working better for mental health?

While hybrid is the most popular structure for workers in the UK, executing it correctly takes a little more work.

Hybrid working, for obvious reasons, can help to improve the mental health of your team as it drastically improves the work/life balance.

For many, hybrid working means more time with family, less time commuting, their favourite comfy clothes or brand of coffee with home-made lunches. Plus, hybrid allows workers to avoid isolation from their colleagues with the time they spend in the office.

How can I get my team to spend more time in the office?

With all of that said, social time with colleagues shouldn’t be the only thing bringing your employees into the office.

As Gen Z begin to make their way into the workplace, managing Gen Z in the office is something you should start to pay attention to.

The Times reported that a spike of 75% of London workers were at their desks following the government’s mini-budget. That means uncertainty could be something pushing people into the city. But, that’s not really the way to get your team motivated and happy.

However, the same article said 80% of workers listed being able to work from home as a swaying factor when looking for a new job.

So, with uncertainty, work/life balance, budgets and varying generational demands, how can you encourage your team to stick around in the office?

Harriet Minter, a hybrid world specialist said, “In the future it won’t be enough to simply provide a ping-pong table and snacks, you’ll need to ensure your office can encourage collaboration and also provide quiet spaces for those needing to do deeper work.”

Well-being at work

People want to feel comfortable, encouraged and safe at work. That means you need to be seen prioritising their wellbeing.

At Amicus, we have our own internal well-being committee. This committee are given a yearly budget which they use to book trips, hikes, volunteering days and well-being activities as well as providing stress balls and water bottles to ensure staff are drinking enough water.

We also provide our team with two fully paid days to spend volunteering and fundraising for our chosen charities Dementia UK and Mind.

Want to know what else will get your team feeling encouraged? The Live Series Podcast is pouring with insight from world leaders in tech who discuss what it takes to support your team.

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