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​​Episode 28 | Vas Fasoulas on how to progress in tech leadership

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​​Episode 28 | Vas Fasoulas on how to progress in tech leadership

CTO, Sliide

In the latest episode of The Live Series Podcast, Heather was joined by Va Fasoulas, CTO at Sliide.

Vas brings a wealth of experience to this episode and shares his insight into various hiring processes, how to find red flags in candidates and how to progress your career in tech.

In this episode, the pair discuss:

  • Tech tests: Beneficial or a waste of time?

  • How involved you should be in an interview process

  • Unique red flags to spot in candidates

  • Green flags in candidates

  • The pitfalls of remote onboarding & dealing with them

  • The pitfalls of leading a remote team

  • Helping your team feel supported in a remote-first organisation

  • Mentoring in software engineering

  • Advice for future tech leaders

Amicus helps businesses connect with the best Python, Golang & JavaScript professionals across UK & Europe.

We partner with some of the top global brands providing both contract and permanent recruitment solutions when they need us the most.

We are passionate about the tech community and are committed to help drive exposure to these technologies by writing blogs, sharing content, arranging meetups & working on some of the very best requirements on the market.

Within every great tech business, are amazingly talented people.

Our passion is to connect these people to the organisations who produce some of the best tech products in the world.

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​​Episode 28 | Vas Fasoulas on how to progress in tech leadership

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