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Episode 33 | Max Brenssell | Perfecting Your Hiring Process as a Startup

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Episode 33 | Max Brenssell on Perfecting Your Hiring Process as a Startup

Co-Founder / CTO

In the latest episode of The Live Series Podcast, Heather was joined by CTO / Co-Founder at Max Brenssell.

Max brings a wealth of passion and experience to this episode and shares his insight into the many ways you can strengthen your team quickly by making your hiring process leaner and more effective in landing top talent ahead of your competitors. He also covers how to ensure you hit your D&I hiring targets and keep an open mind towards who you're hiring.

In this episode, the pair discuss:

☝ Prioritising diverse hires
🦾 The consequences of not having a diverse team within AI
📢 How to source candidates to ensure your team is diverse
💪 Creating a lean, inclusive hiring process
🏆 The ideal hiring process to retain the best candidates
🙏 Advice for those looking to start their own software company

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