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Best 6 Programming Podcasts

Best 6 Programming PodcastsSometimes, tapping into the programming community can seem like a daunting task. But with platforms like Reddit and Github to provide you with the latest Python, Golang o...

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Black History Month UK 2021

Black History Month UK 2021Black History Month has landed in the UK. And, although the movement has been progressing for decades, you can still take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate black...

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Episode 4 | Marwa Ali Reda | The Challenge Tech Businesses Face in a Remote World

​The Challenge Tech Businesses Face in a Remote World with Marwa Ali Reda​In the latest episode of The Live Series Podcast, Dave had the pleasure of speaking to Marwa Ali Reda. Marwa is the Softwar...

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Global Recruiter Awards 2021

What Are the Global Recruiter Awards?It’s nearly time for this year’s Global Recruiter Awards. After a tough 18 months for recruitment, the world’s eyes are now on the globe’s best recruiters.The a...

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How to Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day

5 Influential Women in STEM to Celebrate Ada Lovelace DayWhy is Ada Lovelace Day Celebrated?Next Tuesday is Ada Lovelace Day. It's an opportunity for techies and non-techies everywhere to reflect o...

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Amicus Life

#AmicusLife Feature No. 1

#AmicusLife Feature No.1Welcome to the first #AmicusLife blog.Amicus Life is what we’re calling our little snippet of insight into the world of Amicus. Read what happens behind the scenes and get t...

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