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How to Hire Without Bias

How to Hire Without BiasAre you guilty of hiring with bias?Human beings find it incredibly easy to judge one another. We do it everyday. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes unconsciously.If you’ve ever...

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Current UK Tech Hot Spots

Current Tech Hot Spots in the UKAs the economy begins it’s climb back to normality following the pandemic, the UK has seen growth spurts in areas some may not have expected to see them. With London...

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Is Disability in Tech Still Buffering?

Is Disability in Tech Still Buffering?There was some scrutiny around the accessibility (or lack of) at COP26 in Glasgow last week.The event is said to have "neglected" it's disabled attendees with ...

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5 Must-Listen Podcasts From Advocates of Diversity in Tech

How Diverse is the Tech Industry?The tech industry has long been suffering from a diversity crisis. Making tech more diverse has proved difficult and the number of tech professionals from minority ...

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London Tech Week In Full Swing

London Tech Week 2021 London Tech week 2021 is in full flow this week in Newham, Hammersmith, Fulham and Peckham. The festival seemingly becomes more inclusive each year – and this year is no diffe...

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Building A Personal Brand in 2021

Creating, owning and executing a personal brand might seem like a daunting task, but your personal brand doesn’t have to take much time, energy or even effort. With that in mind, you might be askin...

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Episode 3 | Dipti Dhawan | Being On-Boarded Remotely as a VP of Engineering

​Being On-Boarded Remotely as a VP of Engineering with Dipti Dhawan ​In episode three of The Live Series Podcast, Dave had the delight of speaking to Dipti Dhawan. Dipti is the VP of Engineering fo...

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4 Women Tech Influencers You Need To Follow

Whether you’re a python programming pro or a junior javascript developer, everyone needs inspiring from time to time. And, there’s a lot of aspiring tech experts out there who are more than willing...

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